Half my Age Plus Seven - Book 2 - Too Good to be True?

Not many people know that A Sinful Confession has a sequel.

As I wrote here, my publishing journey with this book - my very first novel - didn't go very well.
If something, it went horribly wrong.
Unexpectedly. Undeservedly.

I cannot blame anyone but myself.
However, one thing only worth mentioning: somewhere along the line, the dialogue between me and my publisher took a very bad turn. Although I highlighted from the very start that this novel is a Trilogy, at no point my publisher got that.
And I didn't realise until the book was out.
It was too late.

What is done is done. It was a very expensive lesson... very... financially and morally. 

Anyway, if you don't know, Half my Age Plus Seven is the book that made me a registered author.

If A Sinful Confession can be read on its own as it has a proper ending,  Too Good to be True can only be read after the Book 1.
It would make no sense if you read it first or alone.
It wasn't conceived to stand alone.

Book 1 however, was intended to stand alone from the start.

Once you read A Sinful Confession and Too Good to be True, it's not necessary to read Book 3.
Again, Book 2 has an ending, just like Book 1.

Besides, Book 3 was never finished due to this challenging publishing experience.

I can't say much about the Plot if you didn't read Book 1.
But if you read Book 1, know that this is exactly the opposite experience that took place in Book 1.

There is a new protagonist in Book 2. An ideal man and lover.

It is a sweet and dreamy love story.

I really think you should give it a try.

It is not a cliche' romance book. You don't know what happens next.

Who is Adrian from Half my Age Plus Seven - A British Romance by Cristina G.?

Adrian is a 25 years old British boy.
He is dark, troubled and proud to be so.

Adrian is a relationship with a girl he really cares for.
For him, Tara is unattainable. A mere fantasy. He is convinced that she's out if his league, but he falls for her anyway and he does everything in his power to make Tara feel the same.

He's always available, ready to help and to offer a shoulder to cry on when Tara needs one.
He pretends to understand what Tara feels living in the UK.

The boy is smart and very hard-working. However, Tara doesn't know what he makes for a living.
She never asked and he never said.

Adrian lives with his father's family and rides his bike everywhere.

He likes to drink and to party, but he's empty inside.
Tara becomes an obsession. He is incapable of thinking of anything else but her.
He's deadly jealous and distrust every man Tara gets in contact with.

What's going to happen between the two? 
How is Adrian going to handle this? 
Will Tara fell into his strong arms? 
Will he even love her for who she is? 

In the end, Tara is 13 years older than him.

Adrian means dark and troubled.
It's a unisex name in many countries, but in Romania, Adrian is only and exclusively a male name.
Adriana is the female version of this name.
Both Adrian and Adriana are very popular names in Romania - the country where author Cristina G. was born. Tara too.

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Who is Tara from Half my Age Plus Seven - A British Romance by Cristina G.

Tara is a 38 years old woman who moved to England less than a month before meeting Adrian. 
She is passionate, sensitive and in terrible need of love. 

But Tara is afraid of everything and everyone. She is in convalescence after years of abuse and injustices.  

She doesn't want a relationship. She needs peace and quiet. 

Is Tara strong enough to stay away from men?
What's going to happen? 
Who is Adrian
What does he want?

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Tara means strong/resilient and brave.
It comes from Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
Tara is the name of the property where Scarlett O'Hara was born.
Gone With the Wind is a book that Cristina G. loved very much.

Scarlett is a character Cristina G. disagreed with but also related to when she read the book at the age of 15 - after the fall of the communist regime.

Tara, from Half my Age Plus Seven - A British Romance, is based on Cristina's personality.