Who is Tara from Half my Age Plus Seven - A British Romance by Cristina G.

Tara is a 38 years old woman who moved to England less than a month before meeting Adrian. 
She is passionate, sensitive and in terrible need of love. 

But Tara is afraid of everything and everyone. She is in convalescence after years of abuse and injustices.  

She doesn't want a relationship. She needs peace and quiet. 

Is Tara strong enough to stay away from men?
What's going to happen? 
Who is Adrian
What does he want?

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Tara means strong/resilient and brave.
It comes from Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
Tara is the name of the property where Scarlett O'Hara was born.
Gone With the Wind is a book that Cristina G. loved very much.

Scarlett is a character Cristina G. disagreed with but also related to when she read the book at the age of 15 - after the fall of the communist regime.

Tara, from Half my Age Plus Seven - A British Romance, is based on Cristina's personality.