Half my Age Plus Seven - Book 2 - Too Good to be True?

Not many people know that A Sinful Confession has a sequel.

As I wrote here, my publishing journey with this book - my very first novel - didn't go very well.
If something, it went horribly wrong.
Unexpectedly. Undeservedly.

I cannot blame anyone but myself.
However, one thing only worth mentioning: somewhere along the line, the dialogue between me and my publisher took a very bad turn. Although I highlighted from the very start that this novel is a Trilogy, at no point my publisher got that.
And I didn't realise until the book was out.
It was too late.

What is done is done. It was a very expensive lesson... very... financially and morally. 

Anyway, if you don't know, Half my Age Plus Seven is the book that made me a registered author.

If A Sinful Confession can be read on its own as it has a proper ending,  Too Good to be True can only be read after the Book 1.
It would make no sense if you read it first or alone.
It wasn't conceived to stand alone.

Book 1 however, was intended to stand alone from the start.

Once you read A Sinful Confession and Too Good to be True, it's not necessary to read Book 3.
Again, Book 2 has an ending, just like Book 1.

Besides, Book 3 was never finished due to this challenging publishing experience.

I can't say much about the Plot if you didn't read Book 1.
But if you read Book 1, know that this is exactly the opposite experience that took place in Book 1.

There is a new protagonist in Book 2. An ideal man and lover.

It is a sweet and dreamy love story.

I really think you should give it a try.

It is not a cliche' romance book. You don't know what happens next.

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